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While I don’t doubt there’s a large genetic component in autism, I think you fell into a logical trap when you expressed doubt that gut flora could have anything to do with autism. Even if 100% of all autistic people have a certain genetic profile, autistic symptoms could still be gated or triggered by environmental factors.

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I was recently diagnosed with “high functioning” autism and have had stomach/gut/digestion issues my whole life, including issues absorbing nutrients like iron that definitely affect my psychological wellness, if for no other reason than persistent anemia is exhausting and frustrating. My two cents is that it’s ridiculous to think any current treatments “cure” autism because autism appears to be almost entirely inherited and polygenetic.

But I’m sure that anything that helps people with stomach issues would also help autistic people with stomach issues … because it’s fun to not have stomach pain LOL

P.S. If you know of a non-bullshit way to cure my autism, please let me know

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