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Mea Culpa 2

Mea Culpa 2

You told us we got some things wrong. We correct them here

Here’s another brief episode covering the errors we’ve made in our last few episodes, from the very minor to the somewhat more serious.

We’re grateful to listeners who pointed these out - please keep doing so! If you’ve noticed an error on The Studies Show, let us know and we’ll correct it on a future episode like this. Contact details are on the About page.

Show notes

  • UNSCEAR numbers on birth defects caused by Chernobyl

  • Adjusting for publication bias makes the effect of cash transfers on mental health disappear

  • Explanation of the paradoxical effect of healthier, longer-living people having a higher risk of dementia if you control for age

  • Retraction note to one of criminologist Eric Stewart’s papers notes that the study was retracted due to “a mistake in the way the original data were merged… [which,] in conjunction with the discovery of other coding and transcription errors, collectively exceeded what the authors believed to be acceptable for a published paper”. That is, not retracted for “fraudulent data”, as we stated

  • The location of Cornwall. It’s in the south-west.


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